III “Chovgan” Azerbaijan Championship in organization of Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic took place in Baku State Hippodrome in 22-25 October, 2014.
According to the results of the first round with the participation of 8 teams which were representing different regions of the country “Kovsar”, “Agcabedi”, “Agstafa” and “ Lachin” couldnt pass to the next round, “Sarhadchi”, “Polad”, “Agdam” and “ Balaken” teams qualified to the semi-final after play-off round.
As the result of semi-final round “Sarhadchi” won “Balaken” with the score 7:0 and pass to the final. The next finalist was “Polad” team wich won “Agdam” with the score 2:0.
On October 25, in the finals, it was a real battle. For the third place “Agdam” came over “Balaken” with the minimal score. In the final “Sarhadchi” beats his opponent with the score 2:0 and took the cup of III Chovgan Azerbaijan Championship.
At the end of the tournament the winners were presented with the certificates and money prizes by the Prezident of the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Elchin Quliyev. A prize fund of 50,000 manat was allocated among the participants According to the the rules of the competition.
Choosing the best “Karabakh” and “Dilbaz” horses of 2014 by the relevant commitee of the Equestrian Fedderation of Azerbaijan Republic has attracted the attention of the audience.In Karabakh breed between 3 years old horses “Xan-Xan”, between 2 years old horses “Anadolu”, between 1 year old horses “Babaxan” and in Dilbaz breed between 3 years old “Eleqant”, between 2 years old “Kaktus” as the winners gain to their owners 1000 AZN.
The great organization of the final day, parade of the clubs, concert programme of the performers was met with the great joy of audience, especially youth and children.